About Old City Santa





Christmas is Evan’s favorite time of the year! Santa promoted Evan as manager, which tasks him to communicate with each family and coordinate their private experience.

Evan believes Christmas is where the best family memories are created. He’s inspired to help preserve those moments for the children that Santa invites to his workshop.

Santa admires Evan’s enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail.




Photographer & Stylist

Santa is a sharp dresser thanks to Mimi. She’s his personal photographer and stylist for every portrait session. As a lifelong dancer, she has experience in modeling and posing.

Mimi brings fun, bubbly energy on the set to ensure everyone feels comfortable and confident. She is also a photography teacher who understands patience, teamwork, and attentiveness.





Santa Claus gifted Phil his first drum kit ever when he was a kid, and since then, they’ve grown close.

When Santa needs a strong eye for lighting and composition, he appoints Phil as his personal photographer. Phil is a dedicated visual storyteller with technical expertise when it comes to the camera.

Phil is the creative leader that families can trust while on set with Santa.



Capture timeless Christmas memories this year at Old City Santa!