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Christmas is the time when families come together to celebrate the happiest time of the year. It is the holiday of staying cozy indoors with the family.

St. Nick is quarantining at the North Pole this holiday season. Old City Santa is offering family portrait sessions inside of the Christmas workshop. Booking a family portrait at Old City Santa brings children and parents together for the holidays.

Capture Christmas photos that are worth cherishing for a lifetime and create new memories with your family. Old City Santa provides families with beautiful portraits that families look forward to hanging on their walls every winter.

Prepare Children for Christmas

Throughout December, the anticipation of Christmas is a special feeling for children. Christmas family portraits build excitement for the holidays and remind children that Santa Claus is coming to town. Christmas is around the corner, and a family portrait session at Santa’s workshop is the best way to celebrate the spirit of the season.

Children will love dressing festive with their family and exploring the Christmas workshop. Santa needs the best family photos to make sure he delivers presents to the correct children this year.

Create Christmas Magic During the Session

Christmas magic is alive during family portrait sessions in Santa’s workshop! Children will love exploring Santa’s workshop and discovering magic throughout the experience.

Children get to find the North Pole on a globe, play with Santa’s toys, and sit in his chair. Photographers capture these precious Christmas moments, which live on for generations in the family. Christmas is the best time of year for children to expand their imaginations.

Capture Timeless Christmas Photographs

Christmas family portrait sessions capture families interacting together around the tree. Families that cherish the spirit of Christmas will value looking back on beautiful holiday photos when the season approaches. The top photographers bring out the best of your family and provide children with memories of Christmas.

Family portrait sessions express the strong bonds within your family. Timeless Christmas photos help families connect to the past and cherish the meaning of the holidays: caring for one another.

Establish a New Family Christmas Tradition

Family Christmas traditions may include the “Elf on a Shelf,” advent calendars, and decorating the house with jolly ornaments. Families will love creating a new Christmas tradition at Old City Santa and capturing new photographs every year as the children grow up.

At Old City Santa, families enter a magical Christmas world that generates sense of wonder. After the family Christmas photo session, children become firm believers in Santa Claus and the spirit of Christmas.

Begin the yearly tradition of Christmas photos at Old City Santa! Encounter new adventures in Santa’s workshop and remember every magical family Christmas moment.


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Old City Santa is Saving Christmas in Philadelphia https://www.oldcitysanta.com/blog/2020/11/old-city-santa-is-saving-christmas-in-philadelphia Old City Santa is Saving Christmas in Philadelphia

Santa Claus misses his favorite Christmas tradition of snapping holiday photos with the families on his nice list. Santa and his professional photographers in Old City, Philadelphia are saving Christmas. The man in red is inviting families to join him in a private chat in his workshop. This is a new holiday experience with socially distant interactions.

Philadelphia Christmas Traditions are Alive in Old City

Old City Santa is a holiday tradition for families in Philadelphia. This year, St. Nick is saving Christmas by broadcasting live from the North Pole. Children engage with Santa through a video chat to discuss presents they want or ask questions about the North Pole.

Santa loves spreading Christmas joy and the North Pole is the safest place to do it. Let Santa show you some of his favorite trinkets, nutcrackers, and tree ornaments! Old City Santa will capture these timeless moments from your live live stream from the workshop.

Safety First in the Christmas Workshop

Santa’s personal photographer, Phil Kramer and Mimi Janosy, is saving Christmas while keeping everyone safe. Instead of festive photos on Santa’s lap, the man in red is magically appearing through your laptop. Keep the distance as you interact with Santa from the comfort of your home.

St. Nick loves sharing anecdotes about the North Pole. Old City Santa offers a list of 5 questions to ask Santa during a live stream chat to make the most of your experience! Enjoy your time with Santa this Christmas when you book a Fireside Chat.





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Old City Santa creates magical Christmas experiences for all ages. Schedule your Fireside Chat today to capture timeless holiday memories that your family will cherish for generations!



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5 Questions to Ask Santa in a Live Video Chat https://www.oldcitysanta.com/blog/2020/11/5-questions-to-ask-santa-in-a-live-video-chat 5 Questions to Ask Santa in a Live Video Chat

Old City Santa, Philadelphia’s only immersive Christmas photography experience, is staying safe by applying new social distant policies. Santa Claus is broadcasting from the North Pole to fulfill holiday memories with children from a safe distance.

Cozy up for a fireside chat with St. Nick! Families that book with Old City Santa receive questionnaires, which help Santa know everything about your children. This preserves the Christmas magic and makes your children feel special.

This is your chance to meet Santa, so the nerves may set in, but Old City Santa is here to help you form questions!

Question #1: What is it like living in the North Pole?

Santa is broadcasting live from the North Pole and he loves talking about his home. There are so many exciting Christmas moments that occur at the North Pole. Santa loves sharing his daily routine. Discover where the North Pole is, learn how cold it gets, and listen to how Mrs. Claus always brightens the day.

Question #2: How do you make the Christmas presents?

Santa enjoys telling children how he makes their presents. Santa has spare tools in his office, which he uses to make the most popular Christmas toys of the year. Families enjoy hearing how Santa helps the elves make trendy toys from dolls to video games. Children feel closer to old St. Nick when they understand his personal toy-making process.

Question #3: How do you care for the reindeer?

Santa’s reindeer are so important— they help the man in red deliver Christmas presents around the world. In a video chat with Santa, he always has a few bags of reindeer food nearby to show you. The reindeer love eating it. If you listen closely, you may hear the reindeer bells jingling outside when he opens a bag. Look out for them carrying the sleigh when Santa’s flies over the house this Christmas to deliver presents!

Questions #4: Where are the elves?

The elves are Santa’s closest friends. They make it possible for him to build presents for millions of children around the world. During the video chat, the elves are hard at work in the big North Pole toy factory. The elves always leave a pair of their small shoes around, and Santa will show them to you.

Questions #5: What do you do after Christmas?

During the holidays, Santa is busy trying to grant Christmas wishes and make children smile under the tree. After Christmas day, Santa vacations to the tropics or stays home to sit by the fire with Mrs. Claus. Learn where Santa relaxes after his journey around the world and other hobbies that he enjoys when Christmas is over. Santa loves showing his desk globe to point to the North Pole and other favorite countries.

Ask These Questions at Old City Santa

Old City Santa is an immersive Christmas photography experience in Philadelphia. Kids listen to stories, write letters, pose for the camera—and best of all—they get to meet Santa Claus! Engage in a live fireside chat with Santa as he spreads Christmas joy and reminds you that you are special. Old City Santa is the best studio for magical Christmas photos in Philadelphia.

Book now to create Christmas memories that will live for generations!





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Old City Santa creates magical Christmas experiences for all ages. Schedule your Fireside Chat today to capture timeless holiday memories that your family will cherish for generations!



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Old City Santa Introduces the Fireside Chat https://www.oldcitysanta.com/blog/2020/11/old-city-santa-introduces-the-fireside-chat Old City Santa Introduces the Fireside Chat

Santa Claus is skipping his annual visit to Philadelphia this year. This Christmas, St. Nick is reaching the hearts of young children through video live streaming. Old City Santa is introducing the Fireside Chat—a new, virtual Christmas experience for families.

Connect with Santa in a Private Live Stream

Fireside Chats connect families with Santa Claus from the comfort of their homes. Children get the chance to meet Santa in a private live stream and tell him what they want for Christmas! Santa is eager to spread the holiday spirit from his office at the North Pole.

Old City Santa collects family questionnaires before each Fireside Chat. We place this information on Santa’s desk, so he knows everything about your children. This helps Old City Santa create stronger engagement and Christmas magic during the personal experience.

What Will You Ask Santa?

Santa is broadcasting live from the North Pole and inviting your family to interact with him. He’s looking forward to hearing your accomplishments and finding out what you want under the Christmas tree.

Santa Claus loves showing children around his workshop. He’ll show you your name on the nice list and entertain your family with fun Christmas anecdotes. Santa is expecting to learn more about your family this holiday season!

Send Digital Christmas Cards this Christmas!

Digital Christmas cards are the newest trend. A Fireside Chat at Old City Santa is the best place to create them. Join Santa for a live video chat and cast your shout-outs before the session ends.

Once you receive your video session for download, send each shout-out to your closest family and friends as a digital Christmas card. Wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with help from Old City Santa!






Schedule a Fireside Chat with Old City Santa

Old City Santa creates magical Christmas experiences for all ages. Schedule your Fireside Chat today to capture timeless holiday memories that your family will cherish for generations!



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Phil Kramer: The Man Behind the Christmas Magic https://www.oldcitysanta.com/blog/2018/12/phil-kramer-the-man-behind-the-christmas-magic phil kramer founder of old city santa


Phil Kramer: The Man Behind the Christmas Magic


For Photographer Phil Kramer, Christmas is a chance to ground himself. After a busy year, the holidays are about remembering what’s most important. It’s about spending time with family and making memories.


This Christmas, Phil and his business partner, Mimi Janosy, are inviting families to celebrate the season in their studio. Together, they developed Old City Santa, an immersive Christmas photo shoot for all ages.


Here, in his own words, Phil Kramer describes how the project came together and why Old City Santa should be on your Christmas list this year.


Q: There’s nothing else in Philadelphia quite like Old City Santa. How did you and your team come up with the idea?


“For five years, my partner Mimi Janosy has been doing Santa photos in Manayunk. She would only do about one or two a year. I think the most she did in a single year was five. She was doing it for the fun of it, it was something she loved to do. It was her way of giving back.


Anyway, this year she tells me she wants to do Santa photos again. But this time as a team. I said, “Ok, let me think about it.”


So, I looked into who else was doing something similar in the Philadelphia area. There’s the guy at City Hall, Love Park. The images are alright but it’s the same old thing. Stand in line, sit on Santa’s lap, it’s over.


I bought ‘oldcitysanta.com’ that night. I said, “Ok, let’s do this.”


Q: And that’s how this all came together?


“Well, my son came up with part of the idea too. He said, “Dad, it’s not just about sitting on Santa’s lap. It’s all about the experience.”


Then one thing lead to another. We decided to have carolers and hot chocolate, make it a big thing.


And that’s what they want— people who expect good images, who respect photographers, who don’t want to wait in line—They want an experience for their children.


Q: What is it about the experience that sets Old City Santa apart?


Well, first off, our Santa’s the real deal.


But I think the atmosphere is key; the cobblestone streets, the venue. My studio—the way I flipped it into Santa’s Workshop. It didn’t happen overnight. We did it little by little.


You also have the experience of coming into Old City. When you come to Old City Santa, you’re not just hitting my spot, but also coming down to the Betsy Ross House, Elfreth’s Alley, taking a walk through Old City. That’s part of what sets us apart. You don’t get that at the mall.


Q: What can visitors expect from their visit to Santa’s Workshop?


Something a little different. They can expect more interaction, a more personal experience, and a more vintage-type of feel to the images we take. We’re going for a journalistic style of images. We want to document the magic.


It’s not just pictures of the kids on Santa’s lap. We’ll get that shot, of course. But we came up with some ideas to really keep the kids in the moment. We’ve got books, a little place to help Santa with the toys.


Some kids get really into it, they start reading letters to Santa. That’s when the magic happens.



Don't miss your chance to visit with Santa Claus before Christmas! Old City Santa is open now through Christmas Eve.




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How to Write a Letter to Santa https://www.oldcitysanta.com/blog/2018/11/how-to-write-a-letter-to-santa Santa Claus plays with children


How to Write a Letter to Santa


Every year, thousands upon thousands of good little girls and boys write letters to Santa Claus. Letters to Santa are a timeless Christmas tradition. It’s a great opportunity to remind Santa how good you’ve been this year and what you’d like to see under the tree on Christmas day. 

This year, Old City Santa is giving you the chance to deliver those letters yourself, straight to Santa’s mailbox! Want to write a great letter to Santa Claus? Here’s how to do it in a few simple steps.


Step One: Gather Your Supplies

Preparation is the first step to any project. You’ll want to grab a piece of paper, a pencil and an eraser (everyone makes mistakes!).

Santa gets a lot of letters, so you’ll want to make sure your letter stands out. Decorate with whatever you have around your house. Crayons, markers and colored pencils will do. But why not give your letter a sparkling border? Or try your hand at macaroni art!  


Step Two: Pick a Christmas Playlist

The next step is to get in the Christmas spirit! And the best way to do that is with some classic Christmas carols.

These days finding your favorite holiday songs is easier than ever. Looking for some good old Christmas Hits? Spotify can help with that.


Step Three: Brainstorm

This is where things really get fun. Sit down and make a list of everything you want for Christmas. Let your imagination run wild! No wish is too big or too small.

By now, you should have a nice hefty list of Christmas wishes. Take another look at your list and try to pick out your favorites. What are the five presents you really want to ask Santa for?


Step Four: Prepare Your Letter

Write your name across the top of your letter. That’s how Santa Claus will know who the letter is from. Santa suggests using one of your crayons or markers. He’s always losing his glasses, so be sure to write your name in BIG LETTERS.


Step Five: Say Hello

And now it’s finally time to start writing your letter! Remember, every letter starts with a greeting. That means we start the letter by saying hello!

Write the words ‘Dear Santa,’. That’s how all good letters to Santa start.


Step Six: Have You Been Good?

The next part of your letter is probably the most important. Remind Santa Claus how good you’ve been this year. Santa loves reading about all your good deeds. Tell him about that time you helped mommy and daddy with the dishes. Or how nice you’ve been to your little brother or sister.



Step Seven: Make Your List, Check It Twice

Remember that list of Christmas wishes we made earlier? It’s time to put that to good use! Tell Santa Claus what you want for Christmas with a list of the five presents you want the most.

For example, this is what Charlie from Cherry Hill put on his Christmas list last year:



Step Eight: Say Thank You & Sign Off! 

Next, it’s time to finish your letter. It’s always best to be polite. So say thank you to Santa for reading your letter. Then, all you have to do is sign your name at the bottom. Presto! You’ve just written your letter to Santa.

Now you’re all ready to deliver to your letter! Book your trip to visit Santa’s Workshop with Old City Santa. There, you’ll journey down an old cobblestone street to a place where magic is made everyday. You’ll even get the chance give your letter to Santa Claus himself.




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The Old City Santa Experience https://www.oldcitysanta.com/blog/2018/11/the-old-city-santa-experience  

The Old City Santa Experience


Photographers Phil Kramer and Mimi Janosy are capturing the magic of Christmas. The duo have turned a 100-year-old home into Santa’s Workshop. And they‘ve made it the stage for their next project: Old City Santa. 

Presented by Phil Kramer Photographers, Inc., Old City Santa is an immersive photo shoot for all ages. Take a trip to Santa’s Workshop in the heart of Philadelphia’s historic district. And once inside, experience the magic of Christmas firsthand. Visitors to Old City Santa will receive a series of beautifully-captured images and memories they’ll cherish for a lifetime. 


Warm Up with Christmas Carols

Santa’s Workshop is tucked down a quaint cobblestone street. Here, your experience begins. Before you even enter the workshop, you’ll meet carolers and a few of Santa’s helpers.

Outside, you’ll be helped to hot cocoa and delicious cider. Warm up with a steaming mug and listen to the sweet sound of Christmas carols. 

Oh! And be sure every good boy and girl has brought their letter for Santa. You won’t want to miss the chance to deliver it to Old Saint Nick’s personal mailbox. 


Gather Round, It’s Storytime!

Here’s where the Christmas magic truly begins. Follow the twinkling lights and streams of tinsel through a brick corridor and into Santa’s Workshop. Inside, you’ll discover a place where magic is made everyday.

In the courtyard, families will gather around a storyteller. Listen close as he tells his tales of Christmastime in Philadelphia.     


Spend Time with Ol’ Saint Nick

Next, your journey will take you into Santa’s personal toyroom. Take off those heavy winter coats and get ready to see something special. 

Clad in his classic red suit, Ol’ Saint Nick will be there in all his glory. See the joy in your child’s eyes as they see Santa for the very first time. Your entire family will have the chance to meet Santa Claus himself. Be sure to tell him all your Christmas wishes! 

Meanwhile, Photographers Phil Kramer and Mimi Janosy will be there to capture all the magical moments. After your visit, you’ll receive digital copies of the beautiful photos taken of you and your family. You’ll also have the chance to purchase print editions of your photos. Get Christmas cards, photo albums, even coffee table books featuring pictures of you and yours. For years to come, you’ll look back on these memories and smile.


Make the Most of the Season

But the family fun doesn’t have to stop there! Old City is home to a number of fun things to do for all ages. 

Philadelphia’s historic district has some of the city’s best places to eat. Looking for a nice sit-down dinner? Grab a bite to eat at the chic Continental Martini Bar. The lobster mac and cheese will change your life. Or maybe you’ve got a sweet tooth. In that case, we recommend making a pit-stop at Fezziwig’s Sweet Shoppe

Of course, you could always keep the fun going. On Nov. 23rd, Winterfest is coming back to the Blue Cross RiverRink! Take a stroll down to the waterfront, grab a pair of ice skates and hit the rink. Or if you’d rather stay inside, make your way to the Arden Theater. From November 28th to early January, the prestigious Philadelphia theater is performing a live stage production of Charlotte’s Web

Make the most of this holiday season with all that Old City has to offer. 



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Brotherly Love https://www.oldcitysanta.com/blog/2018/11/brotherly-love


Brotherly Love


IN 1725, Benjamin Franklin was little more than a nobody. He spent his days toiling away as a printmaker’s apprentice in London, dreaming of a better life. At 19 years old, young Ben felt torn between two shores. The first was England. The second was the capital of the new world, the city of Philadelphia.


Ben had been to the new world before, he'd grown up there. He'd been to Philadelphia, too. He loved the people. He loved the hustle and bustle of the city streets. But, more than anything else, he loved the promise of a fresh start.


And so a young Ben Franklin set sail for the colonies, started his very own print shop and made a home for himself in a new city.


But something was still missing.


I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this, moving thousands of miles away to start anew, but it isn’t easy. Ben found himself missing his life back in England, his family in Massachusetts. He wanted someone he could talk to.


And then one day, he found just that.


While on a routine stroll through the city streets, Ben turned down a cobblestone alley to see a most peculiar sight. There, right there before his eyes, was a jolly old man in a bright red suit with a bushy white beard. The man looked just like…


“Santa Claus?!” exclaimed Ben.


“Hello, my boy!” said the jolly old man, “You’ve arrived just in time.”


“Just in time for what?” asked Ben.


“I seem to be in need of some help.” Said Santa, waving a piece of paper around as he spoke. “I received this letter from a good little girl, but try as I might, I just can’t seem to make out a single word.”


“I think I have just the thing for you,” said Ben, reaching into his coat pocket. “I’m an inventor, you see. In my spare time, I made these.”


From his pocket, Ben pulled out an extraordinary gadget.


“I call them spectacles. Bifocal spectacles.” said Ben, beaming with pride. “Go ahead, try them on.”


It’s hard to describe to you what happened next. To you and I, a pair of spectacles may seem commonplace, but in 1725, no one had heard of such a thing.


“What do you think?” asked Ben.


“I love them!” shouted Santa, “I can read every word! The name could use some work, though.”


Santa paused in thought before saying, “I think I’ll call them ‘glasses’.”


And that, boys and girls, is how Benjamin Franklin and Santa Claus became fast friends.


Every Christmas after that, Ben would find a mysterious gift underneath his tree with a card signed ‘S.C.’. One year, he received a new pair of shoes. Another year, he received a bike.


But the present he cherished the most was a handmade kite made by Santa himself.



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The Tale of Old City Santa https://www.oldcitysanta.com/blog/2018/11/the-tale-of-old-city-santa


The Tale of Old City Santa

Once upon a time in a place called Old City,
the cobbled streets lay quiet and chilly. 
Christmas lights twinkled from every shop window,
reflecting on snow that looked like soft pillows.


A girl and her sister walked to the store 
for baubles, tinsel, candy and more!
When down an alley there shot a young elf,
the sound of bells ringing after himself.


The girls jumped into action, quick as a flash, 
wondering why the elf ran quite so fast.
He ran through a doorway, giggling with glee. 
The sisters chased after as fast as can be.


They rounded the corner and stopped in their tracks
and now, ladies and gents, we’ve reached the climax!
With a cheerful look and a hand on his chin,
Santa stood in the doorway, he bellowed “Let them in!”


“Thank goodness!” said Santa, “you’ve come just in time.
Here, have some cocoa, it’s truly sublime.
You’ve found Santa’s Workshop, a place of great spirit, 
we have carolers, storytellers. Come, don’t be timid ”


He showed them his workshop where he makes all the toys
That he brings every year to the good girls and boys.
“Let’s take a picture, come sit over here.
Phil Kramer and Mimi will capture your cheer.”


They sat for a photo, smiling wide,
Hugged Santa tight then said their goodbyes.
“Just don't forget,” he said tapping his nose
“Leave a letter for me, list the presents you chose.”


And so the two sisters dashed to the mailbox,
The eldest was hoping for a stuffed purple fox.
She turned to go, but her sister had paused
Trying to decide what to ask Santa Claus.


After some thought, she made her decision
She picked up a pen and wrote with precision:
“Dear Mr. Claus, I love sister so much
Please give her gifts, like chocolate and such.”


With both letters finished, they ran from the shop
Because of excitement, their steps looked like hops
They hurried home to tell all their friends
Of what they had found at that alley’s end.


And so starts the tale of Old City Santa
A scene set right here in quaint Philadelphia.
Come see for yourself and experience the magic,
A time that promises to be most fantastic. 






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