The Tale of Old City Santa

November 09, 2018


The Tale of Old City Santa

Once upon a time in a place called Old City,
the cobbled streets lay quiet and chilly. 
Christmas lights twinkled from every shop window,
reflecting on snow that looked like soft pillows.


A girl and her sister walked to the store 
for baubles, tinsel, candy and more!
When down an alley there shot a young elf,
the sound of bells ringing after himself.


The girls jumped into action, quick as a flash, 
wondering why the elf ran quite so fast.
He ran through a doorway, giggling with glee. 
The sisters chased after as fast as can be.


They rounded the corner and stopped in their tracks
and now, ladies and gents, we’ve reached the climax!
With a cheerful look and a hand on his chin,
Santa stood in the doorway, he bellowed “Let them in!”


“Thank goodness!” said Santa, “you’ve come just in time.
Here, have some cocoa, it’s truly sublime.
You’ve found Santa’s Workshop, a place of great spirit, 
we have carolers, storytellers. Come, don’t be timid ”


He showed them his workshop where he makes all the toys
That he brings every year to the good girls and boys.
“Let’s take a picture, come sit over here.
Phil Kramer and Mimi will capture your cheer.”


They sat for a photo, smiling wide,
Hugged Santa tight then said their goodbyes.
“Just don't forget,” he said tapping his nose
“Leave a letter for me, list the presents you chose.”


And so the two sisters dashed to the mailbox,
The eldest was hoping for a stuffed purple fox.
She turned to go, but her sister had paused
Trying to decide what to ask Santa Claus.


After some thought, she made her decision
She picked up a pen and wrote with precision:
“Dear Mr. Claus, I love sister so much
Please give her gifts, like chocolate and such.”


With both letters finished, they ran from the shop
Because of excitement, their steps looked like hops
They hurried home to tell all their friends
Of what they had found at that alley’s end.


And so starts the tale of Old City Santa
A scene set right here in quaint Philadelphia.
Come see for yourself and experience the magic,
A time that promises to be most fantastic. 






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