5 Questions to Ask Santa in a Live Video Chat

November 09, 2020  •  56 Comments

5 Questions to Ask Santa in a Live Video Chat

Old City Santa, Philadelphia’s only immersive Christmas photography experience, is staying safe by applying new social distant policies. Santa Claus is broadcasting from the North Pole to fulfill holiday memories with children from a safe distance.

Cozy up for a fireside chat with St. Nick! Families that book with Old City Santa receive questionnaires, which help Santa know everything about your children. This preserves the Christmas magic and makes your children feel special.

This is your chance to meet Santa, so the nerves may set in, but Old City Santa is here to help you form questions!

Question #1: What is it like living in the North Pole?

Santa is broadcasting live from the North Pole and he loves talking about his home. There are so many exciting Christmas moments that occur at the North Pole. Santa loves sharing his daily routine. Discover where the North Pole is, learn how cold it gets, and listen to how Mrs. Claus always brightens the day.

Question #2: How do you make the Christmas presents?

Santa enjoys telling children how he makes their presents. Santa has spare tools in his office, which he uses to make the most popular Christmas toys of the year. Families enjoy hearing how Santa helps the elves make trendy toys from dolls to video games. Children feel closer to old St. Nick when they understand his personal toy-making process.

Question #3: How do you care for the reindeer?

Santa’s reindeer are so important— they help the man in red deliver Christmas presents around the world. In a video chat with Santa, he always has a few bags of reindeer food nearby to show you. The reindeer love eating it. If you listen closely, you may hear the reindeer bells jingling outside when he opens a bag. Look out for them carrying the sleigh when Santa’s flies over the house this Christmas to deliver presents!

Questions #4: Where are the elves?

The elves are Santa’s closest friends. They make it possible for him to build presents for millions of children around the world. During the video chat, the elves are hard at work in the big North Pole toy factory. The elves always leave a pair of their small shoes around, and Santa will show them to you.

Questions #5: What do you do after Christmas?

During the holidays, Santa is busy trying to grant Christmas wishes and make children smile under the tree. After Christmas day, Santa vacations to the tropics or stays home to sit by the fire with Mrs. Claus. Learn where Santa relaxes after his journey around the world and other hobbies that he enjoys when Christmas is over. Santa loves showing his desk globe to point to the North Pole and other favorite countries.

Ask These Questions at Old City Santa

Old City Santa is an immersive Christmas photography experience in Philadelphia. Kids listen to stories, write letters, pose for the camera—and best of all—they get to meet Santa Claus! Engage in a live fireside chat with Santa as he spreads Christmas joy and reminds you that you are special. Old City Santa is the best studio for magical Christmas photos in Philadelphia.

Book now to create Christmas memories that will live for generations!





Schedule a Fireside Chat with Old City Santa

Old City Santa creates magical Christmas experiences for all ages. Schedule your Fireside Chat today to capture timeless holiday memories that your family will cherish for generations!




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