Old City Santa Introduces the Fireside Chat

November 08, 2020  •  171 Comments

Old City Santa Introduces the Fireside Chat

Santa Claus is skipping his annual visit to Philadelphia this year. This Christmas, St. Nick is reaching the hearts of young children through video live streaming. Old City Santa is introducing the Fireside Chat—a new, virtual Christmas experience for families.

Connect with Santa in a Private Live Stream

Fireside Chats connect families with Santa Claus from the comfort of their homes. Children get the chance to meet Santa in a private live stream and tell him what they want for Christmas! Santa is eager to spread the holiday spirit from his office at the North Pole.

Old City Santa collects family questionnaires before each Fireside Chat. We place this information on Santa’s desk, so he knows everything about your children. This helps Old City Santa create stronger engagement and Christmas magic during the personal experience.

What Will You Ask Santa?

Santa is broadcasting live from the North Pole and inviting your family to interact with him. He’s looking forward to hearing your accomplishments and finding out what you want under the Christmas tree.

Santa Claus loves showing children around his workshop. He’ll show you your name on the nice list and entertain your family with fun Christmas anecdotes. Santa is expecting to learn more about your family this holiday season!

Send Digital Christmas Cards this Christmas!

Digital Christmas cards are the newest trend. A Fireside Chat at Old City Santa is the best place to create them. Join Santa for a live video chat and cast your shout-outs before the session ends.

Once you receive your video session for download, send each shout-out to your closest family and friends as a digital Christmas card. Wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with help from Old City Santa!






Schedule a Fireside Chat with Old City Santa

Old City Santa creates magical Christmas experiences for all ages. Schedule your Fireside Chat today to capture timeless holiday memories that your family will cherish for generations!




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What a delightful initiative! The "Fireside Chat" introduced by Old City Santa sounds like a perfect blend of nostalgia and community spirit. In an era where digital screens dominate our lives, creating opportunities for face-to-face interactions, especially during the holiday season, is incredibly valuable.

The concept of a fireside chat harks back to simpler times when storytelling by the fire was a cherished tradition. This event not only revives that tradition but also fosters a sense of togetherness and warmth. It's a wonderful way for families and friends to gather, share stories, and make memories in an intimate setting.

Moreover, involving Santa in such a cozy and interactive format makes the experience even more magical for children. It gives them a chance to engage with Santa in a more personal way, far removed from the quick photo ops at crowded malls. The kids can ask questions, share their wishes, and maybe even listen to Santa's own tales from the North Pole!

Kudos to Old City for bringing this charming concept to life. It’s initiatives like these that remind us of the true spirit of the holidays – connection, joy, and the magic of storytelling. I hope to see more communities adopting similar ideas to keep the festive spirit alive in such a heartwarming manner.

Happy holidays to everyone participating in these wonderful fireside chats!
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I just read about Old City Santa introducing the Fireside Chat, and I couldn't be more excited! This sounds like a wonderful way to bring a cozy, nostalgic touch to the holiday season. There's something magical about gathering around the fireplace and hearing stories that transport us back to simpler times. I can already imagine the warmth and joy these sessions will bring to families and friends. Kudos to Old City Santa for creating such a unique and heartwarming tradition! Can't wait to join in and make some unforgettable holiday memories.
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